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Beyond the Boardroom: 
A Roadmap for Busy Businesswomen Ready to Embrace Blissful Wife Life
No More Wasted Time: Discover the Secrets to Dating Compatibility and Attracting True Love

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Turning Heartbreak into Hope
How to Turn Relationship Disappointments into Future Success and Prepare for the Man You Prayed For
Efficiently Finding Connection
Master My Award-Winning Techniques Women Everywhere Are Using to Identify Authentic Compatibility Early On

Creating Your Love Blueprint
Discover the Power of Embracing Vulnerability: Building Intimacy and Connection the Right Way
About Your Presenter
Shanoria, affectionately called the “Queen of Love Coaching,” specializes in empowering ladies to know and love self, before loving someone else and preparing them to love well when they do. 

Having perfected the art of teaching single ladies to ATTRACT and wives to MAGNETIZE the LOVE they desire and deserve, she is the supportive specialist you seek when you aim to level up in love. By helping women skyrocket their self-love, self-control, and self-esteem, she prepares them to have a clear understanding of what marriage requires and enter into their covenant with CONFIDENCE. 

Known for her faith-based relationship preparation & strengthening techniques featured in her groundbreaking Before Boaz®️ & Esther's Evolution™️ experiences for women, King's Kiln™️ for men, and Marriage Makeover™️ for Couples, 
Shanoria provides a fresh perspective and unmatched premarital preparation all within a powerful community of like-minded women supporting each other and leveling up in life, love, AND money.
If You Are Serious About Finding Real Love, This Webinar Is Going To Save Time Change Your Life
Let's keep it real...
If you could fix your issues in love, knowing what you know and doing what you do...

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